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As retailers look for improvement in efficiencies, implementation and profitability, on staff position becomes increasingly important:  Store Manager.  In most retail companies, few roles have more impact on revenue, Growth, company culture, store environment and customer satisfaction.  But how can a store manager be MOST EFFECTIVE? 

Great retail organizations recognize the Store Manager’s role as a Leader.  The Store Managers influences, teaches, solves problems, coaches, builds a team and represents a brand to the public.  The Store manager is responsible for meeting Revenue Goals.

At Mann University your Store Manager will walk away with the tools to understand his/her role as a store manager: 

-What is the difference between a Manager vs. a Leader

-Understand the Mission of your store and apply that mission to everyday work

-How to be an influencer and build a team to represent the companies brand

-How to coach employees

-How to meet and grow your stores revenue goals

Through class time, DISC Assessments and a world class ropes course, Mann University will transform your Store Manager into a Retail Einstein.

"Manage WITH people not OVER people." ~Dan Mann

Images provided by Steven McBride


Dan Mann, Founder & Instructor

Leslie Cunningham, Instructor, BAM Certified  

Jennifer Keith, Executive Assistant

Emily Glaser, Editor

Tony Tanner, VP of Operations

Andrew Cunningham, Director of Business Development

Kent Mann, Director of Training and Development